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Leeds PC Repairs is a family business, providing computer repair services within the West Yorkshire area for over 30 years

We are a family business originally based in Horsforth for 10 years then relocating to a larger retail premises for 15 years and as of late 2011, we are now based on Harrogate Road opposite Kwik-Fit.

We are experts in repairs of both home and business computers – with a firm belief in providing the highest possible standards of customer care we are committed to offering a quality service at reasonable prices. Our aim is to deliver a comprehensive range of services at the best possible quality, with a team of experts leading in their respective fields of expertise.

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PC Crashing or Freezing?

Is your computer crashing or freezing? A hardware conflict, overheating components or software corruption may be the cause. Our engineers can diagnose and quickly troubleshoot the issue, providing a reliable and consistent service.

Windows & Other Software Faults

Are you having problems with Windows, or have installed software which has caused your system to run unexpectedly? We are able to assist in most software problems and with any problems relating to Windows.

Bluescreen/BSOD No Boot

One of the more common issues encountered are operating system boot errors and blue screen error messages on boot. Experienced in resolving these issues with minimal data loss, we can restore your computer to working health quickly, and prevent further issues from occurring.

Laptop Hardware/Chassis Repair

We can repair most laptop hardware/chassis problems, including but not limited to: Screens, memory, hard drives, keyboards, touchpads, hinges, lid plastics, bases, palmrests and AC jacks. Once assessing the damage, we will provide a quote of the total cost prior to undertaking any work.

Data Recovery

Specializing in recovery from damaged and corrupted hard drives, we can attempt to restore any accidental data loss, at a fraction of the cost of data recovery centres. We also specialize in backup solutions and can advise certain procedures to prevent future mishaps.

Virus/Spyware Removal

Viruses and spyware rank among the most frequent, disrupting and disturbing issues. Often times can be among the hardest problems to fix whilst minimizing data loss. We provide full logs of the work done, often able to indicate the root of the issue. and can advise on further security measures and tips to prevent further issues.

Networking & Internet

We can install your router and network, set up and configure your wireless broadband connection or help with any Internet or email problems you may be having. We are also able to optimise your Internet settings in order to give you the fastest connection possible.

Toner & Ink


A leading printer consumables supplier of ink and toner cartridges for the Leeds and West Yorkshire, we try to make it our goal to bring you the best products at the lowest prices. Whether you’re buying laser printer toner cartridges or ink cartridges, our delivery service is matched by our first-class customer service.

That’s why we have an excellent Google rating!

Our aim is to always deliver on time and provide excellent customer service. Leeds PC Repairs has been in Yorkshire for over 30 years and has 38000 regular customers who we provide popular printer consumables at affordable prices, our range includes high quality compatible cartridges with unbeatable prices, suitable for a broad range of Laser and Inkjet Printers.

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Our PCs are custom built for the ultimate user experience, and to give you a computing edge over rival big name manufacturers. Our aim is to offer optimal build quality and performance through cherry-picked component choices and extensive benchmark testing to bring you a wide variety of optimized systems for different uses and budgets. We can fully customize your system to tailor for any preferences and with our comprehensiveconfigurator you are sure to find something that will be perfect for your computing demands.

We have designed systems used by end users and professionals alike, including:

  • Gaming PC’s, designed for maximum performance on the most demanding titles. These systems are tailored around maximum graphical performance with high-end Nvidia and AMD Graphics cards at the heart. We have a huge selection of gaming systems at different price points; compact SFF (Small Form Factor) gaming PC’s which can be configured with the highest end hardware and cutting edge cooling technology for a no-compromises solution, custom watercooled PC’s with a huge array of configurable options to provide the absolute best performance and aesthetic, and gaming laptops

  • Home & Office PC’s, compact systems perfect for any office application at an affordable price point, tailored around lightning-quick storage speeds, subtle aesthetics and single core performance. Perfect for homes, commercial offices, meeting rooms and schools.

  • Audio PC’s, offering silent performance with zero compromises; maximum compatibility with all music software, we offer a range of quiet and passively cooled computers perfect for any studio, offering options suited for users with any level of experience.

  • Pro Graphics PC’s, designed for cutting-edge performance and reliability for any demand of workload. Our range of workstations are fully optimized around our clients requirements, shipping with NVIDIA Quadro cards to fulfil certification on applications. We offer consumer and professional processors, with new Core i7 processors as standard, or blisteringly quick systems utilizing two Intel Xeon processors perfect for massive workloads. These systems are burn-tested for extended periods of time prior to completion.