McKenzie-UK PCs are custom built for the ultimate user experience, and to give you a computing edge over rival big name manufacturers. Our aim is to offer optimal build quality and performance through cherry-picked component choices and extensive benchmark testing to bring you a wide variety of optimized systems for different uses and budgets. We can fully customize your system to tailor for any preferences and with our comprehensive configurator you are sure to find something that will be perfect for your computing demands.
We have designed systems used by end users and professionals alike, including:

  • Gaming PC’s, designed for maximum performance on the most demanding titles. These systems are tailored around maximum graphical performance with high-end Nvidia and AMD Graphics cards at the heart. We have a huge selection of gaming systems at different price points; compact SFF (Small Form Factor) gaming PC’s which can be configured with the highest end hardware and cutting edge cooling technology for a no-compromises solution, custom watercooled PC’s with a huge array of configurable options to provide the absolute best performance and aesthetic, and gaming laptops.
  • Home & Office PC’s, compact systems perfect for any office application at an affordable price point, tailored around lightning-quick storage speeds, subtle aesthetics and single core performance. Perfect for homes, commercial offices, meeting rooms and schools.
  • Audio PC’s, offering silent performance with zero compromises; maximum compatibility with all music software, we offer a range of quiet and passively cooled computers perfect for any studio, offering options suited for users with any level of experience.
  • Pro Graphics PC’s, designed for cutting-edge performance and reliability for any demand of workload. Our range of workstations are fully optimized around our clients requirements, shipping with NVIDIA Quadro cards to fulfil certification on applications. We offer consumer and professional processors, with new Core i7 processors as standard, or blisteringly quick systems utilizing two Intel Xeon processors perfect for massive workloads. These systems are burn-tested for extended periods of time prior to completion.